Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Don't be alarmed if one of your chicken nuggets has a tail.."

..I was telling the wee ones as they waited impatiently for there chicken nuggets ta come outa the oven. Stupid mouse had evaded capture earlier, leaping through and by me, leaping outa the cupboard and disappearing down one of the burners. Thankfully(hmmm..) there were no extra nuggets ta come out.
Swine mouse.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random thoughts..

Rumble,rumbldy(rumbldy?)clank,roar..some tracked vehicles rolled/tracked by as they tend ta do every once in a while(armory nearby.) I was thinkin', to me it's just a nuisance, but I wonder maybe if there's some newly arrived immigrant family from say some oppressed country was thinking something totally different at. The. Exaxt..(Exaxt, there's such a word? Spellcheck seems to think so..*note to self-google"Exaxt") EXACT same time asIwashavingmytrivialthoughtsaboutaforementioned..sounds.*Exaxt..curious* ANYwho, lost my train of thought :/
War machines bad, but badder for some people..that may have bin my point myeah.

The pope is insane! Well in my dream last night anyways. In my dream the pope..shouldn't the first P in "pope" be capitalized? Looks kinda off, like a "mini-me" version..reminds me of a story/joke I used ta tell, a really long joke about the misadventures of a box of purple ping-pong balls and like this post never really goes anywhere.

Think my caffien.. aw c'mon! "Caffien??? That how ya spell it? I normally have a very harmonious( Jesus, every word just looks WRONG today) relationship with my spellchecker but today..oye think I just woke up silly today. Supercalifragilisticespyalodocious! ...think the checker is out ta lunch taday, IT's buying, I paid last time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A word about "text"ing( or "tuv8def3wxyz9tuv8"ing)

I s'pose it's the evolution of note writing, which once apon a time I was quite good at."Put it in a note" was a line I heard a lot..hey wait a minute..whatever, note writing was cool, sly, covert Interesting! Seen a lady on the bus the other day texting, her fingers were like "Riverdance"ing on phone, was like held up to her face in prayer to the text gods, was a lil disturbing. Not likin it anywho.
The fact that I have NO clue how to text MAY have somthin to do with it..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time keeps on tickin'..

Looking up from the couch and seeing the kids still in there Pjs..
"Pause the game"
What time does the Sunday school bus come?
12? Yes it's 12 now!
Get dressed!
(Blank looks)
..ummm dad.
What? What are you doing, get ready!
...it's umm, midnight dad.
Oh.. well ya got time then, go ta bed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is it just me or is everyone stupid?

..think I just answered my own question. Small words, monochrome, misty, bad lighting, eyeglasses, "Shit!". Perhaps I was too quick to chasten the daughter for mistaking the Conditioner for the shampoo..which come to think of it, happens a lot " Just read the bottle!" were words I used on at least one occasion. Putz. If I'm not careful she'll cut me off Hair brushing privileges, and you know I have so few pleasures in life left that that would really suck :/

("..that that would.." wierd.)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh that's just nasty..

Feelin' better, nasty business being ill, I won't go into detail, just..blauch! Good thing too, lettin' some things slide of late(don't need much of an excuse for that ta happen) So..get right on that "to do" list, after the weekend though, ya know I got the kids..it's the weekend..what can ya do on the weekend anyways?
Other thoughts..
Obama! Way ta go USA, jus hope he dosent puss out on health care reform, pullin' outta Iraq(theres a charming mental pic for yas) etc..

The weather..
Fuck me I might as well be back in Alberta so damn cold( I am NOT getting old)

Life in general..
Myeah. THAT time of year so no comment.

Highlights of the week..
...Deanna aced a test, but that's more HER highlight but hey, YAY Deanna woowho, so proud.

Oh wait! Ladie's dog at the store likes me now, years gettin through to that mutt.
..that's it.